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If You Want More Hot Leads, Skyrocketing Sales and Pump-Up Profits …

“Here’s How to Get the Marketing Results You Want … Without the Outrageous Expense, Attitude and Empty Promises of an Ad Agency”

Dear Business Owner,

Are your marketing efforts really paying off, producing ready-to-buy prospects who practically beg to speak with your sales reps … orders stuffing your mail box to overflow … or customers stampeding through the door in a rush to give your company more business, more money and more cash profits?

I’m guessing that the answer is no … that you’re getting few leads. Even fewer sales. And huge, sock-ya-in-the-gut invoice from your agency every month.

Well, good news. Now there’s an easy way to finally get the value you’ve been seeking for your marketing dollar.

When You Want Service AND Results

That solution is Bohringer Creative. We’ve made it our mission to fulfill all of the promises that so many ad agencies make, then break.

We deliver the service you’d expect from a big-name agency, without the outrageous overhead and padded bills. The results many agencies promise, but never deliver. And rock-solid, comprehensive marketing advice, without condescension and attitude.

In short, Bohringer Creative offers the best the marketing and advertising world has to offer … without the bad. Just think of us as the 7-Up® in a sea of ad-agency colas.

The Danger of Traditional Ad Agencies

Going the traditional ad agency route can get you (and your bank account) into hot water.

You can end up with ad campaigns designed to delight the “creative” types, not compel your buyers to eagerly pry open their wallets and fork over their hard-earned cash. Direct mail campaigns so bad that pigs will be landing at O’Hare before you’ll ever see a lead or sale. Web sites that are great … but only if your intent is to amuse a crowd of bored 13-year-old latchkey kids.

When all you want, need and ask for is … RESULTS!

That’s why we take a different approach to marketing. One that is focused on producing results and profits … not on wowing creative directors and winning awards.

Designing for Results

We start by asking questions. Lots of them.

About your project goals. Your past successes and failures. Your product or service. And, of course, your target audience.

Then we hit the drawing boards. We create dozens of concepts – rough sketches of how your piece could be designed – selecting only the best for you to choose from. You tell us which design you prefer … and that’s what we deliver.

Everything we do – from concept to final production – is done with your ideal prospect in mind. Your audience’s preferences, buying habits and experience will influence everything from the colors and fonts we use … to how components of your brochure, ad or web site are arranged … and even the image and “feel” of your marketing materials.

The end result? Your customers and prospects are drawn to your marketing materials as if to a magnet … they read and really understand your message … and then they take action.

One-Stop Shopping Eliminates Administrative Headaches

Our results-focused service is best suited for the owners of and marketing personnel within small- to medium-sized businesses. In other words, people who need results and don’t have time to fret about their vendors following through on their promises.

We know that you’re busy, with better things to do than worry about the details required to pull off a successful marketing campaign. That’s why we offer a full range of services.

  • Traditional print design. Everything from space ads … to postcards and direct mail packages … to catalogs … to stationery. You’ll receive original, creative designs that support, not overwhelm, the message you’re trying to send.

  • Profitable, sales-oriented web sites. To successfully sell products and services online, you need more than pretty graphics and “brochure-ware.” You need easy-to-navigate, fast-loading web sites that have been optimized for search engine placement. You need copy that sells, not merely informs. And you need to offer customers a secure, personalized buying experience. We invest a lot of resources to stay on top of what’s working in the world of Internet marketing … information that we use to help you make your web site a profit center.

  • Brand development and consistency. Because we work in both print and online media, you’ll rest easy knowing that all of your marketing materials will have a consistent look and “feel.” Branding enables prospects and customers to instantly recognize your marketing materials … making it easier to get your audience to read and respond to your offer.

  • Project coordination. If you don’t have the time or interest to implement your marketing strategy, let us handle it for you. We’ll take care of getting your materials printed and mailed out … reserving domain names and hosting your web site … even setting up online shopping carts and autoresponders.

The Proof Is in the Results

Our no-fuss, no-frills approach to marketing communications does more than make your life easier. It delivers the results you want. Take a look at some examples of what we’ve helped our clients achieve:

  • Increased product sales 300% and established an internationally recognized brand for a start-up company operating in an intensely competitive market through innovative advertising programs and package designs

  • Increased response rates by 50% for a leading travel information company with a redesigned advertising campaign

  • Boosted conference registrations by 104% within four weeks of sending our redesigned event-marketing direct mail brochure … which helped our client overbook an event that previously they had struggled to fill

  • Exceeded revenue projections by 100% within three weeks of launching a client’s web site

  • Helped a tiny auto dealer in an obscure area match the sales volume of a major dealer in a high-traffic location with four times the sales space by creating a customer-focused advertising campaign

  • Increased customer compliance to 90% and immediately improved prompt redemption of frequent flier miles, while dramatically improving customer satisfaction and cost savings, for an airline

  • Increased response rates more than 100% for a food ingredient company’s print ad, soundly beating the control ad

Here’s Why Business Owners Are Raving

As you can imagine, our clients are delighted with the results they see with the Bohringer approach to marketing. Check out some of the rave reviews we’ve received.

“The direct mail campaign you created for us increased response rates by 100%. To date, it’s generated more than $4,000,000 in revenue. I’m so glad to see that the Chicago Area of Direct Marketing gave you a Tempo Award in recognition of your ability to create marketing materials that work.”
~ Marc Rosenberg, General Manager
Marcus Evans, San Diego, CA

“Gary, this was the easiest the design process has ever been. You’re the first designer I’ve worked with who has been interested in how my product works … and you really listened to my answers. The concepts you gave us were dead-on – perfect 10’s all around!”
~ Cheryl O'Donoghue, Marketing Executive
Ulysses Learning, Charlotte, NC

“Gary, excellent work, once again. I’m continually amazed by your ability to take a few basic ideas, some copy and a photo or two, and create absolute magic. The extra 10% that you deliver sets you apart from the other, average design professionals … and consistently translates into more leads and sales for us.”
~ Séamus Lafferty, President
Stanford Products, LLC., Salem, IL

“Gary, what a refreshing change it was to be able to sit down and discuss with you directly what I wanted from my tradeshow vs. hoping an account executive would remember and correctly communicate my wishes. When you left my office, I knew that I could safely check you off my to-do list without fear you’d be coming back for clarification days or weeks later.”
~ Don Thorp, President
Premium Ingredients, Ltd., Carol Stream, IL

“The design changes you made to my web site were phenomenal. The site looks fantastic, but more importantly, your input helped move my site from a dismal #143 ranking on Google to #15!”
~ Jenny Hamby, copywriter and seminar marketing consultant www.SeminarMarketingPro.com

“Bohringer Creative has become a creative resource and a true partner for our organization. Gary and his team have continuously offered us innovative and cost saving designs and options through our continued relationship.

Gary focuses on the needs of his clients and has a keen sense of the business environment and each of client’s particular needs and offers outstanding results and marketing solutions.

Looking forward to another great year!”
~ Lora Tannehill, ASNR Director of Scientific Meetings
American Society of Neuradiology, Oak Brook, IL

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